Alright, or what? I'm Jimbo Loony,
the bloke who did all those Taff Wars™ movies.

I don't do videos so much these days, but I do post a lot of Photoshop bollocks on Twitter.


Yes, I know there's only a handful here. I've tried posting the other 50 episodes of Taff Wars to numerous video-hosting sites, but they keep getting taken fucking down. Same goes for The Taffinator, Strongbo: First Taff, Dai Hard, It's A… Life and the rest - to be honest if you've seen one you've seen them all. No I can't email all the videos to you. No, I can't post you a DVD with them all on. If I get time I'll try re-editing and reposting, so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel or better still take a look at my Dailymotion page.

Huw Solo: A Taff Wars Story

Roy Hodgson watches Wales V Belgium (Euro 2016)

How Welsh people watch the 6 Nations rugby

The True Meaning Of Christmas

Sex In The Valley

Taff Wars 3 - Rhondda Bar

Taff Wars 21 - Blodwyn

Taff Wars 16 - Dai's…

Taff Wars 36 - Still Flogging That Dead 'Orse


Taff Wars: Lazy Bastard Awakens

Taff Wars: Twin Wars / Star Town

Taff Wars 4 - Summer

Beverly Hills Taff

Road Safety (Public Information Film)

Taff Wars - Curry Night

Taff Wars 32 - Yanto Takes A Toke



Some of my Photoshop shite - which has been featured on Buzzfeed, The Daily Edge, The Huffington Post, Scotland Now, The Daily Dot, BroBible, and Daily Record. I post a lot of this nonsense on my social media accounts, so if you wanna see more of this sort of stuff follow me on Twitter. Want to hire me to do some Photoshop work for you? Then email me. Tidy.

Bizarre skiing name dude
One Direction are shit
Vile dictator (with Kim Jong's hair)
Taff Tourism

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This is what celebrities, the press, and - best of all - various people on the web have said about my work…

  • “You suck! This movie lacks in humour and everything else. Worst piece of shit I have seen in years. I hope you die.” Anonymous via YouTube
  • “Scum - you don't deserve to be Welsh ” Anonymous via YouTube
  • “That's the bollocks butt innit?! That's the best thing I've seen on YouTube!” Rich from The Stereophonics
  • “They aren't the slightest bit funny.” Anonymous via YouTube
  • “Taff Wars: More addictive than crack.” Dainton (Dirty Sanchez / GOON.TV)
  • “Nice one! I liked the Local Boy plug on the snow one! Rocking!” Rich from The Stereophonics
  • “If you're not of a delicate disposition this might just represent the high watermark of talking over feature films in a funny voice.” Wales Online
  • “Do people really find this funny? It's sooo fucking sad.” Anonymous via YouTube
  • “There's lovely, indeed.” UNCUT Magazine
  • “Totally lame.” Anonymous via YouTube
  • “The stuff he has done is a breath of fresh air, and shows there's hope in the Valleys yet.” Paul Durden (co-author of the legendary 'Twin Town')
  • “Taff Wars is fuckin' brillant like! Us Glamorgan cricketers are lovin' this stuff, its always on in the changing rooms! Keep up the good work!” The Glamorgan Boys, SWALEC Stadium
  • “Stupid, totally pointless, unfunny. Grow up.” Anonymous via YouTube
  • “…featuring more swearing than an annual drunken sailor conference.” Wales Online
  • “Love your work.” Nev Wilshire (BBC3 'The Call Centre')
  • “This is complete bollocks all you done is put voices over the real thing u stupid cunt.” Anonymous via YouTube
  • “Having someone say fuck two dozen times over a clip of Star Wars is hardly comedy genius. What's wrong with me? Why is it that only Welsh people that are finding this funny? What's wrong with you lot, are you retarded or something?” Anonymous via YouTube
  • “…has been keeping the Rebel Alliance, or should that be Valley Commandos, laughing for weeks!” Wales Online

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